Patient Participation Group

Our Patients Participation Group (PPG) is a group of patients registered with Northway surgery who take an active interest in healthcare matters.

The PPG has a formal Constitution which outlines the group’s Aims, Values, Committee Structure, Membership, and such like. In summary, the group members have agreed that:

The aim of Northway PPG is to promote and support the practice and provide a voice for patients by:

  • Regularly communicating with the wider patient group to keep them informed and to hear their feedback
  • Supporting the GP practice to encourage take-up of services that will help to make the practice run well
  • Providing useful information and contacts to promote good health and well-being

Prior to the COVID restrictions, our PPG met every 6-8 weeks and produced quarterly newsletters to keep patients informed of services at the surgery and across Dudley CCG. The newsletters were emailed to patients who had asked us to add their names to our distribution list and PPG information was also displayed on a noticeboard in the waiting area at the surgery for all patients to see.

The PPG has adapted its way of working since the COVID restrictions, where we cannot now meet and our information board is not available to patients: the PPG Chair now keeps in touch with PPG members to provide update briefings every 6-8 weeks – liaising with Dr Pritchard to pass on feedback and questions and sharing back with the group, his responses and news from the surgery.

Periodically the PPG formally reviews its achievements and captures these into an ongoing log: Northway PPG – Making A Difference. This usefully reminds members of the value of their contributions towards the continuously high satisfaction scores achieved by the practice and the PPG’s influence on how health care services are developed within the NHS Dudley CCG area.

The PPG always welcomes new members and if you would like to join the Patients Participation Group or receive newsletters and briefing updates from the Chair, please register using our Patient Participation Group Registration form.

If you wish to raise any issue through the group, please contact the Chair of the PPG – Anne Whitham.  You can contact her via the PPG mailbox, or leave a message via reception to ask her to telephone you.

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Northway PPG Making a Difference

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